Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We arrived at Verite in Auroville at 4.0am. The taxi journey from the airport was not as scary as we thought and we were glad when we were shown to our Capsule named Adventure. Yesterday we spent the day recovering from our journey and getting used the the heat 26 C.

Verite is lovely and is 10 acres in size. It is mainly a place where yoga is taught and practised and the emphasis is on spiritual well being. We saw a snake yesterday which was about a metre long and was very thin and bright green. Apparently they are harmless although they spit venom if they themselves are attacked.

Today we have been to the Visitor Centre and been to see the Matrimandir which is a huge golden dome at the centre of Auroville which represents the spirit and soul of the township which is founded on the principal that Auroville belongs to no one and everyone and that its purpose is to enable humanbeings to live together without religion but in spiritual harmony with each other, the earth and the Universe.

Being in Southern India the food here is all vegetarian and is delicious! All food is grown within Auroville or its neihbouring villages. We ate lunch today in the Solar Kitchen which is powered by solar energy, the steam used for cooking is produced by solar energy. The Solar kitchen serves 1000 lunches per day and also provides food for the schools of Auroville.Pretty cool hugh, Jamie Oliver eat your heart out mate!

So all in all we are having a pretty fantastic time so far, obviously we are missing you guys and we will post again as soon as we can.


Rae and Marc XX

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  1. Hi you two, great photos keep them coming !!!
    Not rain and wind here just cold and frosty !!!!!
    Enjoy your adventure take care and lots of love,
    MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.