Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Day Out to the Sunday Market in Pondy


Yesterday morning we went to the Savitiri Bahavn Centre to see an exhibition entitled: Sri Aurobindo and Mother, Finding the Psychic Being. The show consisted of a collection of photos of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with writings and poems on the subject of the Psychic being (which I think is kind of a guide for the soul which exists on another dimensional plane, forgive me if I have got this a bit wrong).

The show was thought provoking and the writings beautiful as was the exhibition space itself.

On a less serious note we went and saw a Hitchcock movie at the Auditorium last night called Suspicion. It starred Cary Grant and was made in about 1940. Seemed mad being in India watching an old black and white movie set in Sussex!

Today was market day in Pondy. We drove our little scooter down to the main Chennai - Pondicherry Road and parked it near the beach. We then caught the bus into Pondy which is about 6KM away. The cost each was Rs3/ which is less than 2p! Anway we only waited about five minutes for a bus, buses are very frequent here in India. The journey in was unventful and was fun, loud music palying and lots of hooting and fast driving. The journey home was very cosy, you could not have squeezed another person on the bus! People were hanging from the doors! But everyone was smiling and chatting. I think we eraned respect from the locals using the bus and enjoying the crush, the loud music, fast driving an dvery, very friendly people who told us when we had reached our stop.

The photos I think are pretty self- explanatory, though check out the guy with the big fish!! Rae and I enjoyed fresh coconut milk to cool us down in the heat. The market bustled and you could buy so much stuff!

The temple was a highlight. Seeing the sacred elephant blessing Hindu's and going inside the temple was a real privalege. Ganesh images are evrywhere in Southern India as the cermaics indicate.

Must go now as the Internet shop is clsoing for the night.

Much love

Marc and Rae

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  1. hi dad how are you?looks interesting in india you don't see many cars all scooters. i have not done much resonantly because matt has still got a tummy bug and just sits on the sofa all day. hope you enjoy the rest of your time in india. bye