Friday, 1 November 2013

Zephon arrives in Bridge End.

Our pumpkin, doing the warding off the evil spirits thing.

Last night Rae and I enjoyed ourselves in true halloween fashion, Pumpkin carved and lit, a spookey movie, well actually we watched Ghost Busters! 

Mike (MJS Boat Transport) and his partner Susan arrived at just after 08:00 this morning. The day was far from ideal for off-loading Zephon; it was, and still is very windy, with driving rain showers. The brand new truck with the hiab was driven by a chap called Sean who works for Stephen Henderson.  Bloody great bit of kit. All went very smoothly and Zephon was lowered into the water without a hitch, well apart from the fact it took me and Mike to pull her back along the quay, yep it was pretty damn breezy!
First job remove the mast.

Hiabs are wonderful things!

Remote controlled hiab, bloody amazing!

 Needless to say the wind meant that there was no chance of getting the mast rigged and stepped so that will have to wait until a calmer and drier day. 
Zephon moored alongside the quay. waiting for the wind to drop.
Zephon looks very small moored alongside the quay. Although the weather was not ideal its great that she is finally here and I would like to thank those that made it possible: 

Charlie Hussey and Mary Watson for all their help de-rigging Zephon and keeping a watchful eye on her and their donation of some large fenders. 

Guy Cotton (Savage) for taking Zephon from Old Mill Creek to Darthaven and making sure she was loaded safely onto Mikes lorry. 

Mike from MJS transport, brilliant, great service and very helpful, would recommend using Mike if your boat needs to be transported. Also thank you to Susan for taking these great photos.

Sean, the hiab lorry chap, again great and really helpful.  

Thank you

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