Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sand Wick and Banna Minn

Sand Wick on a warm windless day in late September.
Last Thursday morning before I went to do some work on Defiant our 13ft rowing boat we popped down to the bay where we live. The weather as you can see was gorgeous. Unusually there were no seals on the beach so we decided to go for a wonder on the sand.

The seals were not far off in the water and we don't think they were too pleased that we were trespassing on their beach as some of them began to keep a close eye on us. Rae being Rae decided to have a gentle word with these seals and tell them that we were not going to harm them and that generally they should stop being so silly.

We are just amazed at how clear the sea is round here. Its just staggeringly beautiful.
Some of the seal colony.

Rae the seal whisperer 

We love seals

The weather today Sunday has been very different to that of Thursday. It rained hard all last night and there is a stiff SE breeze. The air temperature is warm at 13C but the wind chill is making it feel colder. We had a great walk at Banna Minn. Again we had a couple of young seals for company (if you look closely at some of the photos you will see them).
This afternoon at Banna Minn Bay

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