Wednesday, 9 October 2013

News from Burra.

Home Sweet Home
We have been living in Shetland for two and a half weeks and we feel very settled in our small croft. The weather is very changeable and we are enjoying being here even when, as it is now, blowing a gale and lashing down with rain. The scenery is just beautiful whatever the weather.

Giving Defiant some love.....

What a place to do some work, lovely.
There is a lovely patina developing on Defiant.

Last week I was able to spend a couple of days giving the inside of Defiant's hull a bit of a sand down followed with a liberal application of some 'love' in the form of Varnol oil. She is looking pretty good on the inside now and I just need a couple of dry days to get the outside of the hull sanded and oiled and she will be back to looking gorgeous. 

A Sunday Stroll to Meal Beach

We visited yet another stunning local beach last Sunday. Meal is a small cove with a sandy beach. There is another cove immediately adjacent and this is a pebble beach. I don't understand the geology where one beach is sand and the other beach which is not even a 100M away is pebbles. Please can someone explain? 

Can anyone explain the geology where one beach is sand and the adjacent beach is pebbles?
The scourge of plastic rubbish: fishing nets; crates; water bottles etc....

Today is Mainly A Blustery and Showery Day

The seals never seem never to be bothered by the weather. 



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