Sunday, 8 December 2013

Gales & Snow.

The Storm last Thursday.
Well, we survived last weeks storm, albeit we were a bit chilly at times, the wind found its way in, under the eaves and past the odd window frame. Still we layered-up kept the fires stoked, stuffed hot water bottles up our jumpers and we were fine.

The extreme weather was exciting, mainly because we were ok. We were very aware that there were many people down the east coast of Scotland and England who were not so fortunate and who have suffered damage and some who have lost their homes which is awful.  

There are lots of photos in this post. I hope you like them. 

We felt very sorry for the ponies seen here huddled behind the old van.
We felt sorry for the ponies who at times huddled behind the old van for shelter. Rae was getting a bit freaked 'cos, for a while, they were all stood looking at her through the kitchen window. Happily, Rae did not invite them in for a warm and a cup of tea.
A leaden sky.

Very pretty.

Then the weather really closed-in on Friday morning.

Happily Defiant survived on her strapped down on the trailer. Just kept her bow to the wind.

Friday afternoon the weather cleared and we had a walk to check on Zephon.
Note the ice on the windward side of this loch.

Me wrapped-up warm.

One of Zephon's stern lines had come loose and a chap called Dewie (sorry if the spelling is wrong)
kindly re-tied it, thank you!

Walking home.

Love the light in this photo.

Saturday morning and snow.

Me enjoying the snow.

Snow on the beach.

Rae made me chuckle, she has a thing about the seals. The seals are very inquisitive even though they don't like people coming near them. First sign of a person approaching and they are straight into the sea. Once in the sea, they will bob-up and stare at you, to see if you are posing a threat. Rae, at this point starts chatting to them, as if they can understand her. Strangely enough, they seem to actually listen! Weird I know. So, Rae's new name is 'Seal Whisperer'.  When I look at the seals it makes me think about the old tales of seals being the reincarnations of drowned sailors. 

Cosy home, well actually, bloody chilly during the height of the gale!

Gorgeous, Seal Whisperer.

We love the tough ponies!

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