Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yule Greetings from Hjaltland

The lengendary Socks was the special guest at the Shetland pony riding school Christmas party held last
A week ago today we helped our friends Barbara and George with their pony riding school Christmas party. It was a very breezy afternoon and pretty chilly. Our duties were to provide soup and hot drinks to the guests. We really had a good time, albiet a chilly one, and It was great to meet new people. 

Socks, the moon walking Shetland pony, was the special guest. He was a bit petulant, I guess the pressure of TV and big screen fame is a difficult thing to bear.

Socks waiting with Elaine (his trainer) for his next adoring fan to say Merry Christmas

Father Odin came to provide gifts for the children. (Unfortuantely, Sleipnir was not well, so one of the ponies graciously took his place). 

Rae's Christmas making, its amazing what you can do with old beer bottle tops! Beautiful aren't they.

As you can see Rae has been busy making Christmas cards and decorations which are lovely. 
Rae's gorgious cards!

The trees on these cards are made from wall paper samples!

Note the caulking mallet, a useful stamping implement.

Winter Solstice sushi night. 
 Last night we had some friends over for suchi which was great. It was a hands on make your own suchi party but unfortunately we forgot to take any photos.

The stripy couple wishing you a very happy yule.
Merry Christmas from us in Shetland.

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