Sunday, 26 January 2014

January = Shetland Fire Festivals and Up Helly Aa!

Scalloway's Jarls squad marching through Scalloway.

Well, we enjoyed our first Christmas and New Year in Shetland. My two sons, Tom and Matt were here for New Year which was wonderful. We saw the Secret life of Walter Mitty at Mareel on New Years Eve with the boys. I was stunned by this film, in my opinion its one of the best films I have ever seen. The photography and the graphics are great and I thought it was an exceptionally stylish and innovative movie which we all enjoyed. Thank you Mr. Stiller! 

On New Years day we all went for a walk around St. Ninians, and amazingly, the sun shone, there was no rain and no gales! The week with the boys went fast and before we new it I was ferrying them back by plane to Nottingham where they live with their mum.

The other week we went to Scalloway fire festival which was great fun. Our friends Andrew, Alexis, Angela and Lisa were there and fun was had by all. After the procession and burning of da boat Rae and I drove back to Bridge End hall, where we spent several hours (until 01:40) watching the various squads pitch-up and do their comical stuff. In between the squads there was dancing (the band were Country Rok) and soup and sandwiches, great fun. What was particuarly lovely was the intergenerational aspect. There was at least one small baby, children adults and older folk too, all having fun. It was great.

What we had not appreciated about the fire festivals, and Up Helly Aa, is that the Jarl Squad's costumes change each year. Each Jarl designs the costume and each Jarl squad member has to pay for their own costume, which is about £600! 


Sushi making

The boys are on a roll!


Jarl squad recruitment begins young
Blurred for extra dramtic effect, honest.
Well, Rae took it, so its totally her fault right!


The Jarl and his squad arrive at Bridge End hall

Oh to be a Viking!

Up Helly Aa is on Tuesday and we are really looking forward to it. The partying in the various halls around Lerwick goes on all night at this event!! Rae and I are going to the Stand-up Up Helly Aa at Mareel. It should be a fab evening of comedy. 

The day after the festival is like a bank holiday: all the schools, shops, including Tesco are closed on wednesday, bloody fantastic. We love da Vikings! 

New Years Eve at Mareel where we watched 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' which is an amazing film.
We love Ben Stiller! 

Me, Matt and Tom wrapped-up warm at St. Ninian's on New Years Day.

Looking across from St. Ninian's to Havara Island which is in da distance.
Hoping everyone has a fun Up Helly Aa!!

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