Sunday, 23 March 2014

March in Shetland!

Well, the weather is very unsettled and it's breezy too. This makes the senery very dramatic with bands of rain scudding through followed by bright sunshine and patches of blue sky. 

Yesterday was Rae's birthday and we had a lovely time exploring Yell in the sunshine. 
Yesterday at the Gloup memorial on Yell which commemorates the fishing tradgedy of  July 1881 in which 58 fishermen died.

Rae enjoying a strole on Breckon Beach, Yell.

Nice bit of white water.

Rae returning from her strole on Breckon beach.

A sheep shelter constructed from an old boat.  Does anyone know anything about this boat?

So, where does this boat come from? It was certainly not built in Shetland!

 This was earlier today, look at the colour of the water!

View across Banamin beach today.

Fishing meith on Burra

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