Monday, 14 October 2013

A Trip to the Unst Boat Haven Museum.

Now that's what I call a boat!

Ferry terminal at Gutcher

Last Friday morning Rae and I drove to the Bressay ferry terminal in Lerwick to meet our new friend Silke. The plan for the day was for the three of us to drive to Unst  and visit Duncan Sandison who founded the Shetland Boat Haven Museum. Silke was keen to show us all the important sights on the way which was great fun.

It takes about three hours in total to reach Unst. The drive itself is only about two hours long, but then you have to factor in waiting for ferries. There are two ferries that need to be taken: the first one leaves from Toft and goes to Ulsta on Yell and then the next ferry goes from Gutcha to Belmont on Unst.  

Rae waiting for the bus in the fantastic bus shelter on Unst.

While Rae waited for the bus she had time to make a quick phone call:

do some knitting;

some more knitting;

and some more knitting;

and, bugger, dropped a stich!!

As can be seen from the photos we took in some sights along the way. The first being the famous bus shelter which is always decorated. As it was wool week in Shetland, the theme for the bus shelter was knitting. 

Replica of the Gokstad ship, Skidbladner.

The Swedish replica of the Gokstad viking ship is called the Skidbladner. The Skidblander was abandoned in 2000 by its Norwegian and Swedish crew who were attempting to emulate Leif Erickson and sail the Skidblander to America. The voyage ended, when the ship was unable to proceed due to strong Northerly winds which persisted for several weeks. This ultimately lead the time-pressured crew to abandon Skidblander in Lerwick, where she accumulated debt, through unpaid harbour dues.  In 2005 the Shetland Amenity Trust became the new owners of Skidbladner and it was decided the ship should be put on permanent display outside of the replica Viking longhouse in Haroldswick, Unst. Its a mighty fine setting for this full-size replica ship. which is pretty impressive.

Nice Stem!

Me and the viking longhouse.


Haroldswick Beach

Rae says this is very interesting geology.

Lovely light on those cliffs.

Inside the museum with Duncan, Davy and Silke.

The Shetland Boat Haven museum is an amazing place and it was great spending a couple of hours with Duncan and Davie. Hearing the tales of the sixareen fishing in the Far Haaf was awe inspiring and left me wondering how these fishermen were able to physically and mentally withstand these harsh conditions often 40 or so miles from land. 

Not sure who the geezer is in this pic.

A well deserved cup of rosy lee with Silke.

Rae providing the tunes.

Accompanied by Silke


We were a tad disappointed da cafe bus was closed for da winter.

On the way back to Lerwick Silke suggested we make a slight detour to take in the delicious fish and chips at Frankies fish and chip shop. We had a great meal but unfortunately forgot to take any photos.

Feeling full after supper, we dropped Silke back at the Bressay ferry terminal and then we headed home, knackered, but happy.

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