Saturday, 26 October 2013

The First Strong Winds of Autumn have arrived!!

A breezy day in Sand Wick Bay.

Well, the photos and the videos (apologies, but the quality of the videos is poor) are kinda self-explanatory. Its pretty exciting to have strong winds lashing the rain against the windows whilst sitting snug in bed with a cup of tea watching the tempestuous sea with the light, waves and clouds continually changing the sea / landscape. 

I have to admit it is also a bit unnerving watching the waves rolling into the cove, listening to the wind howling and thinking this is not a strong gale, it gets much windier here; wow I wonder what that is going to be like? 

Earlier this week the wind was blowing West Nor West. Stepping outside the hus I could taste the salt in the air which was great. I have to admit though I am wondering how long the car will last before rust starts to attack the body work, well we shall see. 

Last week was also half-term and so Tom and Matt have been staying with us. They both seemed to like the wind too and appear to have adjusted to being in Shetland and staying with us in a hus rather than on a boat. 

The weather has been a bit crud but we did do stuff such as swimming and Matt discovered that he really enjoys riding! Matt went Shetland pony riding twice and he would like to go again when the boys return for the New Year

As well as these activities we also went to the Shetland Museum and the Scalloway Museum where we learned about the amazing bravery of those who took part in the Shetland Bus operations. 

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